The Soap Room

Natural Artisan Soap & Shampoo



About The Soap Room

The Soap Room  started in Pietermaritzburg  at the end of  2011 and was established  in response to a need for locally made,  all natural soap, particularly for individuals suffering from skin ailments such as allergies, eczema and dry skin.  By saying that the range of soap we call all natural,  means that only natural ingredients are used in our soap (no synthetic ingredients such as colourants or fragrance oils).  All natural soap is an excellent choice for individuals concerned about the quality of the soap they use, health related benefits and the environment.  The Soap Room uses environmentally friendly packaging and tries to source ingredients locally.

The Soap Making Process

Natural soap is made with two ingredients: oil (vegetable or animal derived) and sodium hydroxide (for solid bars of soap) or potassium hydroxide (used for liquid soap) mixed with water (also known as lye). Lye on its own is a harsh, caustic and highly corrosive compound, but when lye and oils are combined, a chemical reaction called saponification occurs. In this reaction oil and lye are spent and the product produced by saponification is soap and glycerine. This means that even though lye is used as an ingredient in soap, it does not remain in the final product.  This is the way all soap is made. Unless a soap is made from oil and lye, it cannot, by definition, be called soap.

The Soap Room uses a number of  ingredients  in the soap-making process (the process can take up to two months from beginning to end).  These can include Beeswax, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, sustainably sourced Palm Oil, Avocado Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Jojoba Oil, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter.   Only vegetable and plant based oils are used in our hand-made natural soap and we use essential oils for fragrance and  health benefits in our all natural products.  Our all natural soap contains only natural ingredients - it contains no preservatives,  no synthetic or petro-chemical ingredients.  All the soap we make, is hand made using the cold-process method . There is no added synthetic colouring to this soap - the colour of the all natural soap is determined by the actual ingredients used in the soap-making process.  However, due to customer request, we are now making some novelty soaps which contain synthetic colorants and fragrances - this is noted on the soap labels so there is no confusion as to which soap contains only natural ingredients and which soap has a natural base but contains synthetic colorants and fragrances.  The Fragrance Oils used do NOT contain any parabens or phthalates.
The Soap Room's hand-made soap retains glycerine in the soap-making process and is therefore a natural glycerine soap.   Glycerine is known to soften skin naturally and is an excellent humectant (attracts moisture to the skin).